Oxygen Bar With Aromatherapy

We all know this to be true: Oxygen is necessary for us to live. Pure essential oils can add benefits to that oxygen that address any number of concerns each of us experiences in our busy, sometimes stress-filled lives. Let Mya DEZIGN an aromatherapy session to lift your spirits and/or get you on the path to feeling better both emotionally & physically!

Each session is 15 minutes in duration and costs $25. You may purchase Oxygen Bar sessions separately or add them to a facial or body service. If you’re scheduling an add-on (or multiple add-ons), please be aware that you will receive an email confirmation detailing your total appointment time.

Essential Oil List – check for the one that addresses your specific issue!

Grapefruit – Helps with migraines, depression, obesity, water retention and exhaustion

Chamomile – Nerves, migraine, PMS, menstrual problems, skin and digestion

Bergomot – Reduces depression, anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic

Cypress – Circulation, menopause, water retention and colds

Clary Sage – Helps with nerves, depression, PMS, menopause, hormone balancer, postpartum

Elemi – Reduces stress, nervousness, treats congested lungs

Fennel – Digestion, water retention, menopause, hormonal nausea, obesity

Geranium – Skin, depression, anxiety, menstrual problems, circulation

Eucalyptus – Sore throat, sinus infection, decongestant, flu, fever, colds and coughs

Ginger – Colds, fever, nausea, stimulant, aphrodisiac

Lemon – Helps digestion, antioxidant, fever, enhances immunity, nerves, anxiety

Basil – Relieves headaches, migraines, sinus congestion, colds and gout

Marjoram – Helps circulation, migraine, menstrual problems, eases loneliness and rejection

Myrtle – Balances energy, lung and respiratory infection, hormonal balance

Orange – Helps colds, flu congestion, depression, nerves and works as a sedative

Peppermint – Helps digestion, nausea, fever, headache, migraine, stimulant, clarity

Rose – Helps circulation, menopausal/menstrual problems, anxiety, depression and impotency (men)

Rosemary – Helps with headaches, fatigue, gout, obesity, nerve stimulant, confidence

Tangerine – Relieves anxiety, nervousness and dizziness

Tarragon – Reduces anorexia, aids in digestion and neuromuscular

Tea Tree – Helps with colds, flu, respiratory, enhance immunity, builds strength

Ylang Ylang – Helps with anxiety, depression, sedative, tempering fear, anger and jealousy


Add an Oxygen Bar Aromatherapy session to your other services today! You may receive an email with updated total appointment time if this service can be administered during other treatments, resulting in a shorter total appointment time.

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