Chakra Balancing

What are Chakras and What Do They Mean to You?

There are seven Chakras in your body and they are, in essence, major energy centers. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for “wheel” so picture a wheel or spinning vortex that brings in bits and pieces of everything it encounters. Each Chakra energy center is aligned along the spinal column and has its own intelligence center.

Chakras radiate energy vibrations as well as receiving energy from our surroundings — and that includes people we come into contact with every day. Think about it: has your mood ever been impacted by another person’s mood? That’s how it works!

Each chakra is associated with specific organs, glands and body systems and is connected to a color vibration frequency. If you are having emotional, physical, intellectual, or spiritual imbalance you should address that by bringing in color vibration that resonates at the same frequency. Think about the 7 colors in the rainbow — there’s one associated with each chakra. As well, each chakra has specific gemstones associated with it. That’s where we can help.

At Skin By Dezign, we approach skin and body care as part of a holistic program to help you reach the Best You possible. It’s about choices we all make: diet, healthy lifestyle and healthy thinking. But never neglect the spirit because it’s at the very center of everything you are!


Chakra Balancing With Gemstones     |     60 min     |     $130

Feeling stuck or blocked?  Balancing your chakras will open up a new world of well-being in every aspect to you!  Feel that you’re at peace and harmony.  Answers and ideas will be more easily received as you you will be in tune with your inner being and allowing for every good desire to come your way!


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